Time Eternity

2018 Howl At The Moon Indie Music Festival Artist:     Time & Eternity

On Facebook         Instagram: @timeandeternityofficial
Time & Eternity is a metal/hardcore band which formed in November 2017 under the idea of expressing our thoughts, living our emotion, and confronting our fears. While some may find grief, joy, doubt, anger, etc. to be easy to express and handle, we have not found that to be the case. Through our years of experience, it became apparent to us that music is the only way we confidently can handle such things. As we continue to write, we continue to grow and we are beginning to see our lives change. Where we were hopeless and defeated, now we have a reason to keep moving forward.
As most of our content deals with the troubles we face in life, we took on the name “Time & Eternity” from an idea that life is only the point where we have the chance to come to know true freedom and experience the awe of the infinite. Freedom most never find in the pain and distraction of life. It is a name we believe will never become something that no longer represents nor holds true to us, in a life that will never stop being hard. Time & Eternity is the story of a search for freedom, and we can only tell you our story one way.
We hope you hear it.