2018 Howl At The Moon Artist Schedule

The Official 2018 Howl At The Moon Indie Music Festival Schedule

Gates Open At 12:30PM Each Day

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Saturday September 15

Performance Time

2:00 Jackson Aide

2:30 Cap Champion

3:00 Mogli The Iceburg

3:30 Beth White

4:00 EverSōl

4:30 Daylight Sinners

5:00 Carverton

5:30 Oh Grandpa

6:00 Natalie Madigan

6:30 The Hollow Roots

7:00 Safe Secrets

7:30 Tennessee Werewolves

8:00 JonesWorld

8:30 Gentlemen and Scholars

9:30 Natalie Claro

10:30 End Of Night

Sunday September 16

Performance Time

2:00 Charli Adams

2:30 Time and Eternity

3:00 The Rumba Madre

3:30 Must Build Jacuzzi

4:00 Phenix

4:30 Katie Mac

5:00 James Hatem

5:30 Vegan Llamas

6:00 Camden

6:30 Forest Fire Gospel Choir

7:30 BlackRose

8:30 End of Festival

Don't Miss Our Special Guest Acoustic Artists Playing Between Sets!


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2018 Howl At The Moon Indie Music Festival Official Schedule