Rumba Madre

2018 Howl At The Moon Indie Music Festival Artist:        The Rumba Madre

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The Rumba Madre is an opportunity, a chance, the unlikely coincidence of six musicians with very different backgrounds to meet unexpectedly in Nashville, Tennessee (USA). Each of them comes from a different corner of the world but they all agree on one basic idea: making music is a liberating act and the result of a band is the fusion of all the numerous particularities that each of the members brings to the table. Firm on this idea, in 2017 they started working on their first album. Rehearsal after rehearsal, show after show, song after song, their sound developed becoming what we can now hear. Rumba, Son, timba, Salsa, Tango, the list is never-ending.

The goal of the band is neither to win nine Grammys nor to buy a huge mansion in Miami. Our world today needs more vitality, more humanism, and T.R.M wants to send a message of diversity and fun. That you reading these lines find in our songs a way to feel happy and alive, that is our final goal. We hope to see you at our next show (if possible after the show and at the bar). Big hug from The Rumba Madre.