Natalie Claro

2018 Howl At The Moon Indie Music Festival Artist: Natalie Claro

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Natalie Claro possesses more power than what meets the eye. While an alluring picture of a young female rock artist may intrigue you, it's a guarantee that the rest of her story will make you fall in love.

​Meet the 18 year old singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, producer, and performer that is Mrs. Claro. Writing lyrics in her bedroom and translating it into powerful melodies in the studio is a talent that has struck the hearts of people nation wide:

"Claro isn’t afraid to turn up the 'GAIN' knob and get a little loud. Even though pianos and folky acoustics truly define the instrumentals of some tracks, when she plugs in her electric guitar and strums away, she belts out some impressive runs and overall vocal talent and range in a way that could only be manifested by a leather boot stomping the ground." - Mieux Magazine

"She really makes you forget that she is still [18] years old, and has talent far beyond her years. This work is art." - Impose Magazine

Not only is her music a shock, but her performances linger in the mind of those present forever. Drum solos, cartwheels, stunts, back-bends; Claro not only belts into the microphone before her with fiery emotion, but she does it all while truly giving the crowd a show to remember forever.