Mogli The Iceburg

2018 Howl At The Moon Indie Music Festival Artist:    Mogli The Iceburg

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Mogli the Iceburg is a 25 year old rapper and producer from Tennessee and part of indie tribe, a collective made up of nobigdyl. , Jarry Manna, WHATUPRG and himself.

Mogli first broke out into the CHH scene in 2015 with his self-produced album, Drevmcvtchr, led by the collaborative single 'Gain the World' In February 2016, Mogli released his free project Synesthesia., an eclectic 8-track EP that spanned from the ambient alternative sounds of Blink of an Eye to the window-rattling bass of 'If the Shoe Fits'  One year later, Mogli began the roll-out of a new album, Tumultu. Named for its latin root of 'tumultuous', this album took a more intense conceptual and sonic route, exploring political themes over a distorted, industrial soundscape. Following the premier of Ghost (feat. Oncue) in XXL Magazine, and being named in's 2017 Freshmen list, Tumultu has gone on to become Mogli's most commercially successful project to date, reaching #26 of iTunes Hip-Hop charts.