Gentlemen And Scholars

Howl At The Moon Indie Music Festival 2018 Artist: Gentlemen And Scholars

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Gentlemen and Scholars – vocalist/guitarist Jeremiah Galey, guitarist Patrick Brady, bassist Shane Strickland, and drummer Marco Vaughn – is a rock ‘n’ roll band born and bred in southern Indiana.

They released their first album The Record, the Keepsake, and the Thief independently in 2008 and have since released another three studio albums: The Fault (2009), Bad Apples (2011), and Thick as Mud (2013). The band also released a live album Gentlemen and Scholars: Live at Lamasco (2016) and two singles, County Hound Ramble (2014) and Live Wire (2015).

After the short partnership with Torque Records/Victory Records, the label behind the band’s sophomore album, The Fault, Gentlemen and Scholars chose to move forward as an independent act. This decision lead Gentlemen and Scholars to re-evaluate their musical career and served as the first step on a long road to self-sufficiency.

In 2011, Gentlemen and Scholars self-produced, recorded, and funded their third effort, Bad Apples. Shortly after the release of Bad Apples, Gentlemen and Scholars inked a publishing deal with Gas Can Music which led to the record’s single, "Groove Belly", being featured in a commercial for the clothing company, Forever 21. Determined to see their career flourish, the young 20-somethings spent the rest of the year playing countless shows throughout the Midwest and investing their virtually non-existent free time in learning to run and operate a business. This continued through the rest of 2011, and the better part of 2012, before the boys in Gentlemen and Scholars were ready to take the next step in their careers.

Using Bad Apples as a way to test the waters of self-producing their music, Gentlemen and Scholars began working on a follow-up in their unfinished “jam room”, which consumed the second floor of barn located at guitarist Patrick Brady’s house. It was here, in this shell of a room, that Gentlemen and Scholars brought life to the demos and song concepts they collected throughout 2011 and 2012. These songs became the pieces that formed the band’s well-received fourth album, Thick as Mud, which Divide and Conquer called “an unpretentious album that delivers straight up southern inspired rock.” “Heater”, the first single from Thick as Mud, also served as the band’s first step in to music video production. Since then, Gentlemen and Scholars has released 6 music videos, a behind-the-scenes style web series, a handful of animated lyric videos, and a multi-camera live concert film, all of which were shot and produced by the band with virtually no budget.

Gentlemen and Scholars spent the next year and a half performing, releasing singles, and working out the recording and production kinks that were present on Thick as Mud. To achieve the recording and production quality that they demanded of their next record, the band knew that something had to change. So, Gentlemen and Scholars did exactly what needed to be done. They invested all of their time, money, and often their sanity, into building a full scale recording studio.

They knew that the follow up to Thick as Mud had to be THE record that they’ve always wanted to make. Galey, Brady, and Strickland spent countless hours writing, demoing, and conceptualizing songs that they felt were miles ahead of their previous work. By the end of 2016, Gentlemen and Scholars had more song material than they knew what to do with. After carefully choosing which songs were going to make the record, they began production on their long awaited record, Revelry.

Revelry will be available on July 21st, 2017. The album’s first single, Hold It Down, is out now.